Marked by a strong inclination towards brutalism and natural material-led processes, the work at FAKASAKA Design approaches design through contemporary sculptural form that takes shape through free-form handmaking. Driven by desire to offer unique and lasting pieces, Fernando Akasaka’s sculptural approach comes from a lifelong cultivation of artisanal and sculptural skills. Manual work serves as a compass in aiding a deeper understanding of  each pieces craft that thrives on pushing boundaries, progressing through the experimentation principle of trial and error.


Based in Brazil, Fernando’s design journey involves constant self-challenge, from conducting texture and strength tests tailored to each design whilst considering its specific structural needs by encompassing functionality, texture and space.



 In 2023, the creative process at Fakasaka welcomed a new collaborator—Alexia Akasaka, the daughter of Fernando.  Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from the Bartlett School of Architecture in 2024, University College London, Alexia has been an integral part of Fakasaka with her design journey beginning in 2021 through the creation of her first collectible piece, the Ava Bench.

 Having pursued studies in design, Alexia previously attended Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, where she specialised in a foundation of spatial and architectural design. Her educational background laid the groundwork for her most recent contributions to Fakasaka's design philosophy.